Welcome to the Woodland Hills Homeowners Association. This web site has been created as a resource for Woodland Hills Homeowners as well as those who are pool members to have the most current information available. Please see the Current Events link on the right for the latest pool news.

  • Pool membership is for pool members and guests only. Please observe all pool rules which can be found on this website.
  • Pool rules are also posted near the pool entrance.
  • Pool members pay monthly dues in addition to normal homeowner’s dues.

Depending on the weather, the pool usually opens in May and closes around the end of September, giving members a long period of enjoyment. Pool membership is assigned to the property address, and passes on to the new owner once a house is sold. Since the pool is protected by a lock that requires a special member’s key, the Seller of a pool home should pass the pool key to the Purchaser at closing. (New replacement keys are $25.00 each.) Please be aware that once a property is a “Pool Home”, it always remains a pool home, and there is no option for canceling membership or discontinuing the payment of pool dues.

Pool memberships are available to non-pool homes for a “membership fee” set by the Pool Association. Residents of Woodland Hills who are not pool members may not swim as a guest of a pool member. No dogs or pets are allowed inside the fenced-in pool area. Any pool member violating the rules will be suspended and/or fined.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to support and enjoy this excellent facility for fun and exercise, as well as for the opportunity it offers to meet your neighbors and make new friends.