Pool news – May 2014

The following message was distributed via email by Pool Chair Joe Salling on May 23, 2014:
We have had several changes to our pool this year that you will see and some you will not. The pool has been painted to include a contrasting color for the water jets so that you can see vs. not being able to and jabbing your toes into them. We also purchased a new pool cover for use this Fall.

Earlier this year, we trimmed most of the trees surrounding the pool to increase the amount of sun light on the pool earlier in the morning (to help heat the water).

During our very cold winter, the plumbing under the cement was frozen and a leak was created. To resolve this issue we replaced the plumbing to the bathrooms by redesigning the piping to include a way to drain the pipes properly to close for the year.

We will also be working on painting and replacing the roof on the pool house over the next couple of weeks (this was scheduled earlier, however the plumbing issue delayed this work). The pool deck and furniture will also need to have a final pressure washing done once we are finished with Painting and other construction work.

Anyone interested in being part of the pool membership (as we have done in the past): We will waive the sign up fee ($225) for the first 30 days of the season. Once signed up, your dues would increase $25 a month, your home will be registered as a pool home. Once you are a member, your only obligation is to pay the pool dues with normal HOA dues. The more people we have signed up for the pool the easier it would be to lower the monthly dues.
Please don’t forget the Pool Rules on the Woodland Hills web site: Woodland Hills HOA Pool Rules

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