2014 end of year!

a small update to the web site – I have created a new category for blog posts called “2015” for future archive purposes (current posts are in 2014) – you can reference the category and in general browse the category.

Also please note on each page of the site is a gallery for the neighborhood. IF you have any photos of the inside of your house or and good pictures of the neighborhood please let me know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Pool Update – Part II

if you had a chance to stroll by the pool house you would have seen an improvement in the appearance (and function). Some of the work has not been needed until now – the building has served us well for almost 30 years. Here is the list starting late fall until this past week…

  • A new pool cover
  • Pool floor painted and refurbished.

Pool House

  • A new roof which included replacing many of the roof boards.
  • New vented soffits and vinyl trim near the roof.
  • 3 New doors including a vent in the door and soffits on the pump house to improve airflow. This will extend our pump life (we have been replacing the pump almost every year due to the heat in the room).
  • All new light fixtures (except in the bathrooms).
  • Building painted 3 colors vs. the previous one color look.
  • We also had to repair and replace the plumbing due to the cold weather this past winter.
    When it is time to prepare to close the pool, we now have the ability to drain all of the piping properly.
    Repaired the celling that was demolished in order to replace the damaged piping.
  • New shelf built and added for lost and found and storage of items left at the pool.
  • Phone moved back into the Red 911 call box.
  • Painting was completed in time for the July 4th weekend and we hope you had a chance as a pool member to enjoy the facility!

Also please note that we had two additional homes join the pool this year – so if you don’t know someone at the pool, please introduce yourself! It has taken many hours for planning and to prep the facility for all of the work. When you see a pool committee member (Doug Kane & Craig Shores) please join me to thank them for all of their work.

Pool Chairman: Joe Salling

Here are some pictures of the changes! Click on a picture to make it larger.

Pool Update

just to document some changes since the last update on May 24th, we had two new home owners to join the pool.

I know of 3 other houses looking to take advantage of the discount for the first 30 days. The more members we have, the lower dues can be – one of our goals for this and the next year! We have not had this type of activity for years!

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Pool news – May 2014

The following message was distributed via email by Pool Chair Joe Salling on May 23, 2014:
We have had several changes to our pool this year that you will see and some you will not. The pool has been painted to include a contrasting color for the water jets so that you can see vs. not being able to and jabbing your toes into them. We also purchased a new pool cover for use this Fall.

Earlier this year, we trimmed most of the trees surrounding the pool to increase the amount of sun light on the pool earlier in the morning (to help heat the water).

During our very cold winter, the plumbing under the cement was frozen and a leak was created. To resolve this issue we replaced the plumbing to the bathrooms by redesigning the piping to include a way to drain the pipes properly to close for the year.

We will also be working on painting and replacing the roof on the pool house over the next couple of weeks (this was scheduled earlier, however the plumbing issue delayed this work). The pool deck and furniture will also need to have a final pressure washing done once we are finished with Painting and other construction work.

Anyone interested in being part of the pool membership (as we have done in the past): We will waive the sign up fee ($225) for the first 30 days of the season. Once signed up, your dues would increase $25 a month, your home will be registered as a pool home. Once you are a member, your only obligation is to pay the pool dues with normal HOA dues. The more people we have signed up for the pool the easier it would be to lower the monthly dues.
Please don’t forget the Pool Rules on the Woodland Hills web site: Woodland Hills HOA Pool Rules

Pool Committee Meeting 07.07.13

Attendance: George Franck, Craig Shores, Doug Kane and Joe Salling

Started: 2:00PM – Ended 3:00PM


Power Washing building and Chairs at the pool:
It was discussed about our volunteer George Fesler to discuss with him about the time table to address power washing chairs – if he cannot complete quickly we will contract out to get this completed quickly.

If George cannot address – ask Tellasondro (Georges contact)

Pool house and bathrooms need to be painted: We will ask Tellasondro for an estimate of painting and replacing of some facial boards around the edges of the roof.

It was decided that the color of paint to be used would be the same tan paint along with the facial boards to be painted in gloss black to give a more upscale look. (George will contact him for the estimate).

Wall clock and outdoor / pool thermometer:
(Joe to source and acquire a clock and thermometer to monitor temperatures in and out of the pool).

New signs to be made to standardize the look of the signs to include the General Rules and have them posted in the covered area of the pool house. In addition to the new sign the committee thought it was important to state the hours of operation: 7AM-10PM Doug to get estimate for the signs.

Bathroom toilet was addressed (was leaking in two locations) by the pool company and is fixed at the moment.
Out door shower pipe needs to be replaced as it is cracked Doug will get a photo and send to his contact to get an estimate.

Umbrella and stand for table:
Doug to look at Lowes for one additional umbrella (Blue to match the other existing umbrella’s).

Erosion at the back side of the pool deck:
A common problem that has to be addressed periodically. We are looking for a more permanent solution to the situation potentially using a railroad tie to create a small wall to slow down the flow of water in that area. Craig to ask landscaping company to give us an estimate and or to validate the proposed solution.

Insect control:
Reported by a concerned pool owner about spiders in the bathrooms. It was noted the pool company weekly brooms out the bathrooms to get rid of any bugs. The bathrooms and surrounding areas of the pool house were sprayed (completed)
Wasps at entrance of fence sprayed (completed)

Pool Heater:
Water temperature is staying at a comfortable 81-84 degrees. Potential tampering with the heater has occurred. Looking to purchase a piece Plexiglas to cover and attach to the section of the fence in front of the Heater.

A website has been created to communicate to the pool owners about activities at the pool. It is intended that we use this site to communicate and record activities for the pool at this location.

Question for Priestly Management and the Board:
we would like a way to effectively know if and when we send out information via email if it is A. getting to users B. if users are looking at our notifications C. give people a way to opt out of the communication from the pool committee. This could also be a way to communicate information from the Neighborhood Watch Committee and for the Home Owner Association Board monthly communications. It was recommended that Constant Contact or a similar tool be used to facilitate this conversation.

Pool cover:
We will need to schedule with Jack (George to call) to get estimate on the costs of the pool cover and if it is possible to address this issue this year. Another option discussed was to see if we go without a cover and have periodic maintenance throughout the winter months (as it could be a cost-effective way to manage the pool during that time.

George Franck will also be organizing a meeting with the Pool Committee and the owner of Scuba Clean to gain guidance on selecting an adequate cover for the pool in the coming weeks.

Painting of pool floor:
Estimate to be gathered for repainting the pool this winter/spring (2014). Thoughts of also having a portion of the shallow end to be painted black or a darker color to facilitate heating of the water without the use of the pool heater. Also it was raised to ask about having either by paint or some type of stickers to identify the water jets at the bottom of the shallow area so people could see them easily.

Weeds around fence have been sprayed

Pool documents from previous committee’s and key(s) to be acquired by Joe. Documents will be digitized and captured for storage on web site in secure area.

Tabled items:
Cracks in pool deck
Lighting fixtures in bathrooms and main light in the pool house

Pool News

A meeting has been scheduled by the Pool Committee for Sunday July 7, 2013 at 2PM. This will be the first official meeting held by the current Pool Committee.

During this meeting we will discuss the current state of things concerning the pool and create an agenda for the upcoming pool season.

2014 National Night Out

Greetings Woodland Hills Residents!

To date I have received only ONE response for the Woodland Hills Stroll for the Neighborhood Watch National Night Out on August 6th. Tomorrow, July 5th, is the deadline for registration.

If you were thinking about taking part, please email me TODAY!!!!

It appears that there has been an act of vandalism here in Woodland Hills. Someone cut the chain at the entrance into the park area. This access is used by the mowing crew and the city. Access, otherwise, is by permission only from the Landscape Chair on the Board or by another Board member. If you see someone driving into this area, please let a Board member know. If you see vandalism happening, call the WSPD – 911.

Have a happy & safe 4th!!! Thank a veteran for serving!!! Shake a hand or give a hug to an active military member!!!

Neighborhood Watch Chair

Pool Status

We currently had a situation that required temporarily suspending  the use of the heating unit at the pool. The temperature rose above the approved industry standard of 84 degrees. George Franck, a pool committee member met with the pool management company “Scuba Clean” on Saturday morning 06-29-13. The representative from the pool service performed general maintenance by vacuuming the pool and suspending the heater. The heater has been suspended temporarily on order to sustain a comfortable temperature.

We will reactivate the heating unit as the temperature dictates.

As of Sunday the water temperature remains at 86 degrees. We will be monitoring this was the week continues.