2014 end of year!

All, a small update to the web site - I have created a new category for blog posts called "2015" for future archive purposes (current posts are in 2014) - you can reference the category and in general browse the category. Also please note on each page of the site is a gallery for the neighborhood. IF you... Continue Reading →

Pool Update – Part II

All, if you had a chance to stroll by the pool house you would have seen an improvement in the appearance (and function). Some of the work has not been needed until now - the building has served us well for almost 30 years. Here is the list starting late fall until this past week... A new pool... Continue Reading →

Painting at the pool

The pool house has a new roof, doors and painting will be done on Wednesday. Please limit traffic as much as possible so they can finish painting the pool house in time for the 4rth of July. Joe Salling

Pool Update

All, just to document some changes since the last update on May 24th, we had two new home owners to join the pool. I know of 3 other houses looking to take advantage of the discount for the first 30 days. The more members we have, the lower dues can be - one of our... Continue Reading →

Pool news – May 2014

The following message was distributed via email by Pool Chair Joe Salling on May 23, 2014: We have had several changes to our pool this year that you will see and some you will not. The pool has been painted to include a contrasting color for the water jets so that you can see vs. not being able to and jabbing your... Continue Reading →

Pool Committee Meeting 07.07.13

Attendance: George Franck, Craig Shores, Doug Kane and Joe Salling Started: 2:00PM - Ended 3:00PM Topics: Power Washing building and Chairs at the pool: It was discussed about our volunteer George Fesler to discuss with him about the time table to address power washing chairs - if he cannot complete quickly we will contract out... Continue Reading →

Pool News

A meeting has been scheduled by the Pool Committee for Sunday July 7, 2013 at 2PM. This will be the first official meeting held by the current Pool Committee. During this meeting we will discuss the current state of things concerning the pool and create an agenda for the upcoming pool season.

2014 National Night Out

Greetings Woodland Hills Residents! To date I have received only ONE response for the Woodland Hills Stroll for the Neighborhood Watch National Night Out on August 6th. Tomorrow, July 5th, is the deadline for registration. If you were thinking about taking part, please email me TODAY!!!! It appears that there has been an act of... Continue Reading →

Pool Status

We currently had a situation that required temporarily suspending  the use of the heating unit at the pool. The temperature rose above the approved industry standard of 84 degrees. George Franck, a pool committee member met with the pool management company "Scuba Clean" on Saturday morning 06-29-13. The representative from the pool service performed general... Continue Reading →

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