Pool Update – Part II

if you had a chance to stroll by the pool house you would have seen an improvement in the appearance (and function). Some of the work has not been needed until now – the building has served us well for almost 30 years. Here is the list starting late fall until this past week…

  • A new pool cover
  • Pool floor painted and refurbished.

Pool House

  • A new roof which included replacing many of the roof boards.
  • New vented soffits and vinyl trim near the roof.
  • 3 New doors including a vent in the door and soffits on the pump house to improve airflow. This will extend our pump life (we have been replacing the pump almost every year due to the heat in the room).
  • All new light fixtures (except in the bathrooms).
  • Building painted 3 colors vs. the previous one color look.
  • We also had to repair and replace the plumbing due to the cold weather this past winter.
    When it is time to prepare to close the pool, we now have the ability to drain all of the piping properly.
    Repaired the celling that was demolished in order to replace the damaged piping.
  • New shelf built and added for lost and found and storage of items left at the pool.
  • Phone moved back into the Red 911 call box.
  • Painting was completed in time for the July 4th weekend and we hope you had a chance as a pool member to enjoy the facility!

Also please note that we had two additional homes join the pool this year – so if you don’t know someone at the pool, please introduce yourself! It has taken many hours for planning and to prep the facility for all of the work. When you see a pool committee member (Doug Kane & Craig Shores) please join me to thank them for all of their work.

Pool Chairman: Joe Salling

Here are some pictures of the changes! Click on a picture to make it larger.

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